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  • Despite a very high poverty rate (87%) The Learning Community continues remarkable performance on state standardized tests. < for latest data click here >
  • Learning Community students significantly exceed the expected performance for a school with our level of poverty in both reading and math.
  • Learning Community students, like Mashyra at right, are creative thinkers and share their ideas and stories in a variety of ways.


  • The Learning Community has had among the best family engagement of any public school in Rhode Island.
  • 88% of families say the school “contacts me if my child improves or does something well” (compared with 48% for RI elementary schools on average).
  • 100% of our families participate in parent conferences


  • The national Nonprofit Finance Fund gave The Learning Community it highest rating on an evaluation of financial systems and position in 2008.


  • 6% of students who entered the lottery for admission to the school were accepted in March 2011.
  • The Learning Community’s waiting list is over 700 students.
  • In 2009 over 250 teachers applied for 4 open positions.


The Learning Community is achieving remarkable results, but one school is not enough.  There is growing evidence that the single most important factor in improving student achievement is effective teaching.  The Learning Community has a strategy to reach 500 teachers and 13,000 students in the next 5 years through targeted professional development designed to increase student performance.  Our teachers have already begun partnerships with other public schools to systematically share what works.

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