Our Approach

The Learning Community features a distinctive academic program based on:

  • nationally-researched practices in literacy,
  • a professional and engaged faculty,
  • outstanding parent involvement,
  • use of data to guide instruction,
  • an emphasis on critical thinking, debate and inquiry, and
  • a culture of innovation and community.

Our comprehensive literacy program forms the core of our curriculum, setting the foundation for all content areas. Students study what it means to be a good reader, writer, scientist and mathematician – and they emulate those strategies. Our classrooms use an innovative Workshop structure, based on work pioneered at Columbia Teachers’ College, to teach writing, reading and math across all grade levels. Our curriculum also includes explicit instruction in oral literacy – speaking, listening, dialogue and debate – even in kindergarten. At The Learning Community, students see themselves as independent learners with important stories to tell.

In its early years The Learning Community has designed innovative systems in several core areas that have lead to our success as a school:

  • Assessing and Supporting Student Achievement
  • Family Engagement and Leadership
  • Social/Emotional/Physical and Academic Safety Net Systems
  • Assessing and Supporting Teacher Achievement
  • Distributed Leadership

As a teaching and learning laboratory, we welcome the local and national community into our work. Learning Community faculty and staff are deeply committed to teaching and to supporting students and their families.

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