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What does immigration mean?


“I visited The Learning Community, an impressive K-8 school in Central Falls, RI while attending the Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum. Friends, especially educator friends, should check them out on-line but visiting is way more exciting!”
-Rick Harwood, Principal, Global Connections High School, Seattle, WA

“I think what you all are doing is remarkable and it is clear to me that The Learning Community really is a community! I couldn’t race back to my school fast enough to tell everyone what I saw and share all of the ideas that I took back with me.”
-Jackie Cambio, ESL teacher, Gladstone Elementary, Cranston, RI

“When I teach my university students about how a classroom and a school could function, under the best of conditions, created by teachers, administrators, support staff, parents and the community together, I have this kind of school in mind. The Learning Community makes it real.”
-Polly Ulichny, Director, Elementary MAT Program, Brown University

“The Learning Community is the right name for your school. There is such a bright energy and deep commitment to growing thoughtful, passionate and compassionate life learners.”
-Ilana Friedman, 2nd grade teacher, Brooklyn, NY

“At The Learning Community I noticed the language students used in small group and whole group discussions. They were able to hold their own group discussions and to describe their thinking. I want to know more about the strong classroom routines that help create such great classrooms like the ones I saw today.”
-Maurin Lawrence, Teacher, Corfu, NY

“I noticed the sense of community that each classroom at The Learning Community had. I noticed the enthusiasm for writing and that the students viewed themselves as writers. The teachers were all explicit with their teaching and knew exactly where their students were in the process. How do you create such a collaborative environment for teachers as learners? It is clear they all put forth a great deal of effort and share with each other.”
-Jora Kirby, Tufts University