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Línea Directa de Ayuda

English 401-217-9343 – Spanish 401-217-9187

Temporary School Closing Due to COVID-19:

Dear Learning Community Families,

It is with heavy hearts that we share that we need to close The Learning Community as of Monday, March 16 for at least a week to protect you, your children and the team from exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have made this decision in consultation with Mayor James Diossa of Central Falls, Dr. Michael Fine, Strategic Health Advisor for the City of Central Falls, as well as state officials.  

There is no known member of our immediate community who has COVID-19, however medical experts are clear that convening people in large groups is how the virus spreads.  Keeping school open through this time will lead to the spread of this virus.

As soon as it is safe to re-open, we will text you to alert you.

Support for Families through Closure:

  • Call 911 if you are experiencing a medical emergency
  • See a doctor immediately if you have a high fever, severe breathing issues/cough
  • Learning Community hotline # is: for English 401-217-9343, for Spanish 401-217-9187
  • We will text you with the food pick up schedule if you want to access free food through closure
  • We will send you more information about virtual learning for your students in the coming days

We all count on one another through good times and hard times. We will try and be a support to each of you as needed through this time. Specifically, we are prepared to provide:

-continuous breakfast and lunch through a drive up system for meal collection at the school

-emergency social service supports for families who need them

We have established a hotline for you in the event you need support through closure, as well as a resource list on our website for you as families: 

Key info to get assistance during closure:

We will also be ready to support your children through this time. We know you will each, as families, need to help your children manage a situation which can be anxiety-provoking for us as adults!  We have thought about what we would say to the children if we had to deliver the news that school is closing for a while. If it’s helpful, here is what we would say:

There is a really bad flu that you have heard about called Coronavirus. It is passed between people when they are together. Right now, no one in our school has this virus. All the adults who love and care for you, us and your teachers, want to make sure we’re being extra careful to keep us all safe. The best way for us to keep everyone healthy right now is to close school so that we’re not passing our germs to one another. School will let us know when we can go back to our normal schedule.

We know that having school closed will cause each of you and your house-holds hardship. Please know how much we admire and appreciate your strength and resourcefulness. We are with you and will do all we can to make sure that we all get to the other side of this time together as a community.

With our love and gratitude, Sarah and Meg