Education Fellows and VISTA’s

Are you passionate about working with students in Rhode Island’s urban districts?

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Adam ELD_resizedEducation Fellows teach in classrooms across the state, giving our Fellows experiences to launch their careers while making a difference in the lives of our students.

The Learning Community, an innovative urban public school in Rhode Island, offers The Education Fellows Program, a one-year opportunity for recent college graduates who seek professional experience in urban education and want to make a contribution to the lives of young learners. Education Fellows will make a clear and targeted impact on cohorts of students and their dreams for the future.

The Education Fellows Program enables enthusiastic, creative and dedicated individuals who are exploring careers in public education to fulfill meaningful roles in a dynamic urban school alongside experienced professional teachers and administrators. Fellows serve as academic tutors and get to see firsthand strategies in the classroom, at recess and after school that will help close the achievement gap.

Hear from some past Ed Fellows!

“My experience at The Learning Community has allowed me an in-depth look at the inner workings of an urban public school. Before this year, I had no idea just how many people’s hard work it takes to effectively run a school. In this short time, I’ve come to realize the impact my work as an Education Fellow has on me both personally and professionally. Working with children has pushed me into becoming more patient and understanding.” – Christina, 2014-2015 Ed Fellow

“Interacting with students both in school and on the basketball court allows me to draw links between two seemingly separate spheres. Watching students grow as teammates and schoolmates, as leaders in class and on the court, and as individuals who perceive learning as a boundless, lifelong activity has been a deeply rewarding experience.” – Perry, 2013-2014 Ed Fellow

“As a young teacher, I have learned the importance of positive reinforcement, especially the words a teacher chooses when redirecting a student’s behavior. I understand the importance of collaborating with students in order to create expectations, so that students can take ownership of their achievements academically and behaviorally. Lastly, my time in service has taught me the importance of voicing concerns so that action and change can take place.”   –  Jennifer, 2011-2012 Ed Fellow



The Learning Community will host 5 AmeriCorps* VISTAs during the 2016-17 school year. Each VISTA will build capacity through systems & curriculum enhancement, family engagement, researching best practices for student health & wellness, and by strengthening partnerships with community art organizations and our partner schools. Our VISTA members play different capacity-building roles in our school community and see a lot of the behind-the-scenes work of making a school successful.

We’re looking for individuals to fill these exciting new positions!

The Family Engagement VISTA will work to research, evaluate and develop systems and mechanisms to enable families to a part of their student’s education. The Learning Community has had a strong commitment to include families in the work of their student and this VISTA will enable those personal connections to be as efficient as possible, as systematic as possible, and supported more comprehensively by school-wide communication.

Benefits include extensive training, health coverage, a living stipend, child care allowance, student loan forbearance and other benefits.  Members are eligible for an education award of $5,730 upon completion of a year of service.